Children’s Books


This book in a fun way instills life lessons that makes living the gospel essentials seem easy. What better way to become prepared for the future than when young? Fun games and activities that not only prepare our children for a mission but skills needed for life.

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What do we promise when we get baptized? Learn about those promises with this fun activity book made especially for your favorite eight-year-olds! With baptism-themed puzzles, games, and images to introduce them to important spiritual concepts, this book will help make that special day and its promises even more memorable.

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We all want our children to learn lessons that will build their lives to become the best they can. We want to help shape them to be the good people we know they were meant to be. And on top of that we want our children to find joy in the learning process. There isn’t a better way to teach our children about the gospel and how to count at the same time with this captivating book. All in one book and it is informational and has colorful, lovable characters. Our future is in our children. Lets give them our time and love now.

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From ONE true Church to FOUR visits from the Angel Moroni, have fun counting aloud with your children with this picture book. Introduce them to the stories of Joseph Smith and the Restoration as you begin building the foundation for their testimonies!

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We all love to see the temple! Teach your children about these beautiful temples and the ordinances that happen there to make our families eternal.


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